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Holiday Essentials: The Palazzo Pant

Aishah Azali

Posted on March 01 2019

Holiday Essentials: The Palazzo Pant

By Aishah Azali             1.12.2018

Every closet is in need of a versatile pant for every occasion. From formal occasions to weekend getaways, here's our tip to styling this popular trouser.

Look 1: Family Gathering

Whether it is New Years or Christmas Eve, always make a point to look sharp when rubbing shoulders with your relatives. Even if it's just a gathering at your family home, our palazzo pants still adds some jazz to a festive outfit. Pair it with a complex top adorned with embroidery or lace for a full effect.

Look 2: Airport Transit

Airport style is widely popular among celebrities but that does not mean you get a free pass to go to the airport in your sweat pants. One can still be comfortable yet chic while checking through airport security, especially with our flowy palazzo pants.

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